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HardCore Pro 0.50mm “ICE” Steel


Does not stick to your filament! Will not carry blobs of PLA or any other filament around your print!
Super easy Cold Pull!  UM3 Hard Core ONLY!

0.50mm size can have an advantage with certain difficult, fibrous filaments, less clogging.
Lasts even longer than stainless steel nozzles. For some users it will “payback” after first use!
(Ill. image- actual image coming).

Choice of “ICE” (Max temp 280C) or “normal” SS ( max 900C)
Pictures will follow, but already shipping!

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This fantastic newly developed product by 3D Solex has a core of stainless steel and a multi-component molecularly interlocked tempered surface with 3 main advantages:

1) PLA ( or any other filament we know of ) is hindered from sticking to it.

2) Cold Pulls work so much better, the inside of the nozzle is “ICE” too.

3) Its surface is much more wear resistant than that of stainless steel, so it will last much longer printing abrasive filaments. Compared with brass, – it is in a class of its own.

It also works exceptionally well with chemically challenging chemicals, like glow, flexible materials, + many more.

These are the three fantastic advantages of this nozzle.

Now blobs of filament will not be carried around and deposited on your print.

Downside: A stainless steel based nozzle will not allow you to print as fast as a brass one, it is about 1/3d speed.

Use: Run-in period of 2 hours at max 220C. This hardens/tempers it, after that, Max temp 270C.

For HardCore Pro for UM3 only. This nozzle can not be used with any other system,

It will last much longer with abrasive filaments than the original nozzle.

The great advantage

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