UM3 Hard Core EHT


UPDATE: This product is delayed until mid-August

Actual photo upcoming.. Shortly in stock, send us an email if you need to pre-order this limited quantity upgrade.

1 pcs Hard Core EHT  replacement of  minimum  6 original Print Cores: – Nozzles: 0.15mm – 0.80mm (6 nozzles included, 0.15 is optional extra). For 2.85mm filament. 375C maximum temperature.

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The Hard Core EHT is easily recognizable, since the aluminium cooler is now GOLD , and the block has a multilayer metal and final chrome finish. The internal and external thermal properties now exceed those of the original block. The heater and temp sensor have better contact with the block. The mass is lower.

Every nozzle can now be easily replaced! Micro nozzles and Stainless nozzles already in program, fantastic new additional products coming up on the coming weeks!

– Replaceable “core of Hard Core” parts.
12 Month Guarantee on electronics, heater, temp sensor and 3d Solex Block
(Nozzles and core inserts are consumables, but can now be changed easily!)

The Hard Core EHT is a drop-in replacement for the standard Print Core AA. Some uncritical parts are re-used.
This is a “Bleeding Edge” product. There is so far no support wrgt getting your “stuff” stick to the build plate or- infact, no other support as well.

You know it if you need this product.

It will take 375 C continuous.
We add 12 month guarantee*.
May not work with some/most PLA filament.
May not work with 2nd core simultaneously, due to power restrictions.

Hard Core EHT ships with tools for nozzle change and 6 nozzles:

1 x 0.25 mm

2 x 0.40 mm

1 x 0.50 mm Stainless Steel

1 x 0.60 mm

1 x 0.80 mm

Attention: Brass nozzles will be softer at these elevated temperatures.

Optional extras:

Various nozzles sizes.

This is not an all metal hot end, but relies on  plastics in the core of the Hard Core.

Hot end plastic toolkit: w/tool and 2 extra Teflons: 79E.
Additional hot end plastix inserts: 69 E for 2-pack

-Available in February

HardCore Nozzle kits:

1x 0.15mm Micro Nozzle
4 x 0.25mm (70E)
4 x 0.40mm (70E)
4 x 0.60mm (70E)
4 x 0.80mm (70E)
4  x 0.50mm SS (60E)

Additional information

All parts are chrome hardened (not SS nozzle and Micro nozzle) and of exceptional quality.

Each nozzle is a tiny little masterpiece and of a uniquely high build quality ( not 0.50 mm SS which is a standard nozzle). We are pressing the prices down to a reasonable level, you and your printer deserve it!

Warning: The nozzles will not fit any other block.
The Hard Core Six can only use these nozzles. Mixing other nozzles/ blocks will destroy both block and nozzle. Guarantee does not cover destroyed Block / nozzle due to threading failure.

* Guarantee: The Core is classified as a consumable. This means that much like tires on a car it wears out quickly or slowly depending on use. However; we introduce a limited guarantee for our HardCore customers. Since we carefully verify every Hard Core Six and re-used part we offer the following guarantee:  If you cannot yourself resolve HardCore EHT problems you pay shipping to us + 79E, we fix ANY HardCore EHT problems. While at it, we install a new core insert, a new 0.40 nozzle and tracked return shipping (15E). How can you loose?

The following part with 5 additional nozzles comes with a 12 month guarantee*.









It replaces this, with the exception that it does take a little longer to replace a nozzle than to replace the whole core.



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HardCore EHT 2.85, Hardcore EHT 1.75