What is the main advantage of the upgrade?

  1) You can print faster: Together with the Matchless nozzles, you can increase speed/layer height/nozzle size. Example: If you have a drone part with a certain infill and wall thickness 2mm, you can now go 2 passes with the 1mm Matchless nozzle instead of 4 passes with the 0.40mm nozzle (the slicer takes care[…]

Can I downgrade later?

  There is not one reason to do so, except theoretically: The Matchless Block V3 is stealing a few millimeters of the maximum build height, compared to an original UM2.

Can I use cheap Chinese nozzles?

Yes, most ┬áM6 nozzle may fit. But in our experience they are flawed by numerous manufacturing mistakes including: – Holes not sufficiently round – Inside surface not correct due to use of wrong tool causing filament stick and carbonization – Length not uniform causing head crash (could break glass plate and misaligning the head assembly)[…]

What is the major hang-up of doing the upgrade?

If the sensors do not come out in one piece. This applies to the Temp Sensor cartridge and sometimes the Heater cartridge. In 10-20% of the cases users are unable to get the temp sensor (3mm diameter) out of the standard hot end. By pulling its cables it is destroyed. In fewer cases the heater[…]