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What is the main advantage of the upgrade?


1) You can print faster:

Together with the Matchless nozzles, you can increase speed/layer height/nozzle size.
Example: If you have a drone part with a certain infill and wall thickness 2mm, you can now go 2 passes with the 1mm Matchless nozzle instead of 4 passes with the 0.40mm nozzle (the slicer takes care of this for you, according to your settings of nozzle size and your model).

Also with the Matchless nozzles you can print with a much higher layer and speed.
Example: After the upgrade you can print with 1mm nozzle, 0.5mm layer, 50mm /sec and more! This is 25 cubic mm plastic / sec.  A standard UM2 can usually not do more than 8 cubic/sec.


2) You can print cooler:

If you prioritize quality and print slower, you can lower temperature a lot, sometimes by as much as 15 deg C!